Erasure Coding

Q: What is Erasure Coding ?
A Method to protect data by breaking into fragments, encode it and store it in different media so as to restore it during disaster.

Q: How it is different from RAID ?
RAID is the traditional method used for data recovery. However it is limited by the overheads and the time taken to restore the data.

Q: How EC is significant in today’s world ?
Data is the new oil. Lots and lots of data are getting generated these days and it is imperative to protect these data which is fast expanding. EC overcomes the bottlenecks of RAID in this scenario.

Q: How Erasure Coding works ?
Consider you have 10 blocks of data that you want to protect and you have 14 storage media. You can add 4 blocks of extra or redundant data that you can it to the original data, making it to 14 blocks of data which can be stored in 14 separate storage media. Which essentially means that you can loose upto 4 storage media but still you would be able to restore the original data.

Q: What technology is used in Erasure Coding ?
Reed Solomon is the widely used method.
Famous formula: n = k+m where k is the original data blocks and m is the additional or redundant data blocks and n is the total data blocks created after Erasure Coding process.

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